Friday, 25 September 2009

Bill, the school sock elephant

This is Bill. He is a grey school sock elephant. Because the school socks were a mismatched pair, one being slightly smaller than the other, and slightly different shades of grey, he has a kind of pie-bald effect and slightly odd ears. I like it that the toes of the socks were a little worn and so his ears look a bit moth eaten. I hit a major dilemma when I realised, that because one sock was rather small in the foot, Bill's head was going to end up a tiny bit small, so I had to improvise, and now Bill sports a snug blue fleece beanie with matching scarf. 

On Monday Bill will be reunited with his original school sock wearing owner, of the same name, I hope they will be very happy together.

Project inspired by the book 'Sock and Glove' by Miyako Kanamori


  1. that's too adorable! I am loving your pics. Now I need to borrow sock and glove again from the library, and make myself my own elephant.

  2. Thanks Trish! An update to the sock elephant post: He was reunited with his sock wearing owner, who promptly renamed him Jeremy Sock! I now have four new pairs of old socks, donated from various owners, so watch this space for more characters once Halloween is over!