Monday, 19 October 2009

Time for a lie down - the buffet reaches obsession point!

Some new finds for the Halloween buffet table today sparked a devilish little diagram of what vessel the food will go in and where. OK, a trifle obsessive, but I've always been fascinated by those arial photographs (usually apple varieties or wash day equipment) that are often in Martha Stewart Living. There is something about a labelled diagram that makes me want to read every caption, and the precise placement of items that evokes a calm sense of organisation (even if they don't evoke the actual organising).

So here we have it, I think it's Martha meets Madam Talbot (she of the vintage poison bottles) in style. I'd also like to think a little forethought will come in handy on October 31st when I'm frantically trying to get Toadstool Tarts out of the oven with my freshly blue-painted Corpse Bride hands, but who am I kidding, it will be fortunate enough if the 'Goblin's Toes' don't end up in one of the cat's bowls.

Here is the glassware that sparked this sudden urge to get organised. All at around £1 a piece, from my favourite local charity shop. The weirdest and most wonderful being an odd footed glass dish, complete with dangling silver spoon, that I thought would be perfect for the Sour Cream, er... Bat's breath.

Morticia was mortified to find that someone 
had polished off all the pre-dinner nibbles.

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