Monday, 28 February 2011

Magpie Monday #1 There be Pirates!

Poor old blog. It was all going so well, and then I got chickens. Chickens take up a lot of time, especially when they are doted upon and not just egg producers. Still, they go to bed at four in the winter, so I have no excuse for abandoning the blog during the colder months.

In a bid to rectify this, here is my first post in nine months! Inspired by tweeter @missielizzieb I am joining in on her Magpie Monday project. She's encouraging us all in a virtual show-and-tell of all our thrift shop, boot sale, ebay finds, basically anything that you've bought that will find a new and re-invigorated life in your possession.

So, without further ado, here is my first submission to Magpie Monday!

The thrifty pirate's hoard

1. I have long planned to hold a pirate party and this year I am finally going to do it! I spied this spotty corset on ebay and thought it would be the perfect starting point for my costume. I plan on adorning it further with embroidery and tattered lace, but it's a great backdrop for piratey creativity and only set me back £5 including postage. Watch this space to see how it ends up.

2. Beaten pewter tankard - for above event. If I can find enough, everyone will swig ale from a tankard at the pirate party, but if not, I really can't have enough piratey props, and this one cost £1 on of my lunchtime forays at the charity shop.

3. Another charity shop find - a very piratey red and white stripy headscarf for a bargainous 50p! This will either be worn as a scarf, or tied in a casual fashion from the corner of the buffet table. I am hoping a lot of suitable headscarfs and oddments of fabric turn up before September, as I will also need a lot of pirate bunting. :)


  1. I've inspired you to write your first post in 9 months? I'm honoured, this will be like our baby then?!! LOL

    Sorry, getting carried away with excitement.

    Your pirate party sounds fab - I'm imagining all kinds of Johhny Depp type characters wandering around (can I blag an invite?!)

    Love the tankard, perfect for swigging ale. Can't wait to see what the corset looks like.

    Could you grab the badge and pop your blog url on the linky then everyone can marvel at your pirateiness. Thanks for sharing xx

  2. You've made a great start with those fab finds for your Pirate Party, I'm sure it will be great fun, looking forward to seeing the pics x

  3. Trust missielizzie to think Johmmy Depp and yes, so was I!
    Love all corsets and yours is fab and will be even better when customised.
    Pleased you have found the pirate within and hope the party goes well.
    My finds appear at

  4. Great idea! Lovely blog - I'm a bunting enthusiast so make sure you show us any you make!

  5. Your stitched self is amazing... love the shoes and clothes. Hope your chickens are well and not giving you problems.