Sunday, 22 November 2009

...And then there were five

I have an admission to make. After I had made a few more birds, it became clear that actually I wouldn't be able to part with any at all! Each one began to develop its own character as I sewed, the details incorporating so many magpie findings that the birds started to become too personal to give away - the chandelier pieces that I rescued from a London gutter about 10 years ago, the vintage silver buttons I was given by the owner of a ribbon shop I used to visit often, snowy white goose feathers from a walk round the aboretum this autumn and odd beads that I have had in my boxes so long I can't even remember where they came from. I did, however, source some different bits and bobs for new birds, that will have far less sentimental value to me. These I will be very happy to watch fly from the nest, hopefully to establish some happy memories of their own, with new owners.

Birds of a feather...
Coco - Biscuit coloured, with shimmery wings adorned 
with french knots and seed beads, and a tinkly brass bell. 
Jezebelle  - Tattered lacy plumes and cross stiched wings.
Ophelia - Feathery lace bound plumes on cream damask, 
pearl edging and twinkly chandelier pieces
Ariadne - Silvery seed beads nestle in her white goose feather 
wings and and around her pleated  comb.
Orielle - Embroidered organza lace wings, and a curly wire headdress. 
A silver bell hangs from her belly.

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