Friday, 6 November 2009

Post Mortem

One week since Halloween, and I'm still yet to blog some of the things I made, so the full post mortem will occur sporadically. In the meantime, here I am in my full Corpse Bride attire. I have started to make weird little situations in Photoshop for some of the portraits shot at the party, this is mine: Corpse Bride sulking in a suitably blue graveyard. The tiara held up quite well in the end, but gathered a bunch of cobwebs from the twigs I had suspended over the buffet table. Not too much of a problem, they just added to the whole ghostly effect. The make up took about 45 minutes to apply and I ended up wearing the blue eyelashes I bought actually stuck about 1cm below my lower eyeline, it worked well to give a round-eyed, doll-like appearance, and the beautiful blue wig that I worried would not arrive from Hong Kong was perfect, comfortable and didn't budge all night long.


  1. Such lovely decay!

    Miss Meadow, I am mightily impressed, floored even, by your party creations. Brava!

    I was only heading to my child's classroom, but here's my Halloween face:

  2. How wonderful! Did you scare anyone? The trick or treaters that knocked on my door that night did not expect the Corpse Bride to answer the door! Thanks for your comments Cyn! I am glad you enjoyed seeing my creepy makes :-D